If You’ve Made It Your Goal to Try a New Pilates Workout (opens in new tab) This month, making sure you have the right equipment is an easy way to help you feel more confident for your first class, whether you’re doing it at home or in a studio.

Pilates has many benefits (opens in new tab)And it’s quickly become one of my favorite workouts this year, even though, without the right equipment, you may find yourself slipping and sliding everywhere.

when it comes to the best gym wear (opens in new tab)A running jacket is an absolute essential for the colder months – just layer over your sports bra (opens in new tab) To keep you warm and dry (yes, British weather).

While we’re all about practical kit that’s actually functional here Marie Claire UKWe also love the kit which looks stylish, (think perfect to wear to brunch with friends over your matching gym set (opens in new tab) ,

Seen wellness influencers posing with well-blended greens powder on social media and curious to learn more about the health-boosting concoction?

I’m a health editor who prides myself on eliminating the noise and diet controversy (opens in new tab)Weight loss myths and unbalanced nutrition advice abound, but I admit it – my interest was piqued too.

If you’re starting a new gym routine or mixing things up a bit with your workout, leg exercises may be your first port of call. Why? Well, they are one of the most common, not to mention the most effective too.

Leg exercises are any workout move that involves (yes, you guessed it) your legs – from bodyweight exercises (opens in new tab) Like skater jumps or squats for weight training (opens in new tab) Moves like deadlifts and hip thrusts, there are actually hundreds of moves to choose from.

If you’re looking for bodyweight exercises that you can do from anywhere (read: the comfort of your own home), you’re in the right place.

We’re big fans of simple yet effective workouts here Marie Claire UK Most of us are short of time, so going to the gym for hour-long workouts is not going to be possible.

Here as Fashion Editor Marie Claire UK, I feel like I need to preface this article by highlighting the fact that I am not athletic in the slightest. While our health editors spend their time training in the gym and running marathons, by contrast, I usually see shoes at runway shows or press appointments.

i was willing to give pilates workout (opens in new tab) However, I’ve seen a lot about the benefits of Pilates (opens in new tab) Social media has been doing the rounds and well known stars like Harry Styles, Hailey Bieber and Kendall Jenner are all reported to be fans. starting pilates as a beginner (opens in new tab)I was curious to learn about the different Pilates exercises (opens in new tab) And Finally Be able to differentiate between Pilates vs Yoga (opens in new tab)too (because yes, the difference is confusing to a non-gym goer).

Are you looking for the best tricep exercises for strong arms? Of course you are – arm exercises that target your biceps and triceps are some of the most well-known and accessible forms of weight training (opens in new tab), After all, most of us have heard of bicep curls and tricep dips, right?

While you probably know how to do bodyweight exercises (opens in new tab)exercise now (opens in new tab)and resistance band exercises (opens in new tab)Dumbbell exercise too (opens in new tab) and kettlebell exercises (opens in new tab) might be on your radar — but things like shoulder exercises (opens in new tab) and biceps exercises (opens in new tab) may feel more alien.

News flash: Bicep exercises aren’t just for gym bros. Far from it – while bicep curls may be stereotypically associated with men in stringer waists pumping iron, we can All Benefits of having strong biceps

Yes, really. You use your biceps in every pulling movement you make, so there’s more to work on your biceps than just looking impressive when you flex.

आप सभी को याद होगा जब रियलिटी टीवी स्टार किम कार्दशियन ने पहना था वह मेट गाला अवार्ड के लिए मर्लिन मुनरो की पोशाक (नए टैब में खुलता है)मई में वापस आ गया है।

वह हफ्तों तक सुर्खियों में रही, आंशिक रूप से क्योंकि कई लोगों ने सवाल किया कि क्या उसने ऐतिहासिक रूप से महत्वपूर्ण पोशाक को नुकसान पहुंचाया है (नए टैब में खुलता है)बल्कि इसलिए भी क्योंकि उसने प्रतिष्ठित टुकड़े में फिट होने के लिए 16 पाउंड वजन कम करने के बारे में खुलकर बात की थी।

The best part of working out is how it makes you feel mentally and physically, right? Fun fact for you: A boost of feel-good endorphins, reduced stress, and increased strength and mobility are all common benefits of a stretching workout, too.

You read that right — no, you don’t need to exhaust yourself in HIIT classes to reap the benefits of exercise. Far from it – low-impact sessions that prioritize things like mobility and flexibility may actually be better for you in the long run.