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So, you’re keen to start strength training and want to download one of the best weightlifting apps. First things first: good for you. Numerous studies have found that regular weight training boosts muscle mass, metabolism, and more, not to mention protects your joints from injury. Not sure what weight lifting really is? The clue is […]

discuss menopause (opens in new tab) is back, my monthly column where I debunk common menopause myths and questions. This month, I’m examining the research on the link between exercise and menopause—keep scrolling to find out what you need. The best part of the week, once I drag myself out of bed, is my Saturday […]

Over the years athleisure brand Adanol has amassed a cult-like following — so yes, it’s fair to say that I’m eagerly awaiting the Adanol Black Friday sale that’s almost here. As a health editor, I was a little skeptical about spaghetti strap bras and beauty-soothing kits to begin with. Sure, They Look Pretty for Brunch, […]

News Flash: The Sweaty Betty Black Friday sale just dropped and they’re offering some seriously huge discounts. They’re on Our Edit of the Best Gym Leggings (opens in new tab) And they are known as one of the best activewear brands in the UK for a reason. As a health editor, I can attest that […]

As a health editor, I’d say the product I get emailed about the most is supplements. from collagen supplements (opens in new tab)for protein powder (opens in new tab)Probiotic for Gut Health Booster (opens in new tab)There is a whole world of options available with 2,770,000,000 results on Google alone. Which supplement you go for […]

Have you ever wondered why you always spotting a few days before your period? yes that’s right your hormones (opens in new tab) To blame Whether You Like It Or Not, Your Period Has A Lot To Do With How You Are skin (opens in new tab) It appears during certain phases of the month […]

If you’ve ever wondered “why is my Duration (opens in new tab) so short / tall / light / heavy? or “Why am I just So Tired all the time?” or even “Why do I feel fab one week and terrible the next?” – all of these questions are yours to answer. hormones (opens in […]

Finding the best Black Friday massage gun deals can feel like a minefield, can’t it? Nifty at-home massage machines promise to reduce DOM and relieve pesky desk-induced back pain, but there are literally thousands of brands on the market that promise to do the right thing. That’s where, as a health editor, I come in. […]

Looking for the best Lululemon Black Friday deals? You are at right place. I’m a health editor and I know which brands are worth investing in and which are not. I have no doubt it’s Black Friday (opens in new tab)You’ll be bombarded with discounts left, right, and center, which is why it’s so important […]

You’re after a pair of the best cross training shoes. So – where to start? Generally speaking, the best weightlifting shoes are flat, supportive and stable, as opposed to the best running trainers, which will be built with bounce in mind. The best cross training shoes, on the other hand, should be the perfect hybrid—springy […]