22 sober celebrities who won’t drink for health & wellbeing

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22 sober celebrities who won’t drink for health & wellbeing

22 sober celebrities who won't drink for health & wellbeing

Doing Dry January and feeling like you’d like a large glass of Merlot a la pronto? You’re not alone. Stats show that 16th January is the day you’re most likely to give up on your month-long pledge, so we’ve rounded up 22 sober celebrities who don’t drink at all to inspire you to keep going.

That’s right – all of the stars in this feature don’t drink alcohol to boost both body and mind. A cultural shift seems to be happening – research from non-alcoholic spirit brand Free Spirit (opens in new tab) found that six million people swapped their usual favourite tipple for an alcohol-free alternative last year, and the #sobercurious hashtag has 370.9 million views on TikTok. More and more celebrities and individuals alike are not only becoming sober curious but taking it all the way and ditching alcohol altogether. 

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