30 Joe Wicks Workouts That Promise Results – Fast

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30 Joe Wicks Workouts That Promise Results – Fast

30 Joe Wicks Workouts That Promise Results - Fast
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  • The nation’s favorite fitness coach is here to coach you through quick, effective (and free!) workouts

    Haven’t got a lot of time to sweat? Enter Stage Right, the Joe Wicks Workout. Why Joe’s workout over other personal trainers? Easy: These are simple yet effective home exercises that are available for free on YouTube. Twenty minutes or so of high-intensity interval training sessions also don’t take up a lot of your time — winner, winner.

    Wicks has been in the limelight this week in the form of his BBC documentary, Joe Wicks: Facing My Childhood, hits the screen. In The Doctor, he reflects on his troubled childhood (growing up, Star’s father struggled with drug addiction and his mother, OCD tendencies) and how it shaped who he is as a human, but He is still a father.

    Now on a mission to reshape UK mental health, Wix is ​​taking things a step further. With a recent MBE under his belt – he has sold the most fitness books in the UK since records began – he is eager to change the lives of millions through his free workout and nutrition content.

    Back to the Joe Wicks workout – that’s why you’re on this page. Online personal trainer sessions are universally preferred for good reason. Unlike some of the more complicated celebrity workouts, they’re short, simple, and effective, most of which are under half an hour and only require you (and one of the best sports bras).

    Like above, Wicks’ workouts have always been high-intensity interval training. Otherwise known as HIIT, as the name implies – short, fast, intense bursts of exercise (aiming at 80% of your rate of perceived exertion or RPE) followed by periods of rest. Forget the hours at the gym: If you’re willing to work hard, they believe you can get just as good results.

    Not convinced? All you need to do is take a quick scroll of their Instagram page (@)the bodycoach) Hundreds of transformation photos to see. Sure, HIIT training may not claim the long-term health benefits of running, hiking or cold water treatments, but it sure works for heck fat loss.

    We’ve rounded up the 30 best Joe Wicks workouts for all abilities. Whether you’re after something short and sweet, need low impact due to injury, or are after a long session, we have just the workout.

    30 Best Joe Wicks Workouts for Simple, Quick Sweat Sessions

    Got 1o minutes?

    1. Ab Blaster

    2. Chair Based Workout

    3. Intense Tabata Style Workout


    4. Cardio and Abs

    Got 15 minutes?

    5. Beginners Home HIIT Workout

    6. Full Body HIIT

    7. Advanced HIIT

    8. Quick Home Fat Burner

    9. Low Impact Low Intensity for Novices

    10. Full Body Fat Burner

    11. Legs, Buttocks and Tums

    12. Intermediate Home Kettlebell Workout

    Got 20 minutes?

    13. Ultimate Beginners Workout

    14. Full Body Workout

    15. Legs and Glutes Workout

    16. Low Impact HIIT

    17. Bench Workout

    18. Fat Burner

    19. Cardio and Abs

    20. Savage Cardio HIIT

    21. Pot Luck Workout

    Got 25 minutes?

    22. Long House HIIT

    23. Kettlebell HIIT

    24. Pyramid Workout Challenge

    Got 30 minutes?

    25. Home HIIT No-Equipment Workout

    26. Home Workout w/ Dumbbells

    27. Long Cardio & Abs Workout

    28. Advanced Dumbbell HIIT

    29. Kettlebell and Dumbbell HIIT

    30. Full Body

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