6 Best To Buy Now, Tested By Team MC

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6 Best To Buy Now, Tested By Team MC

6 Best To Buy Now, Tested By Team MC
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  • Starting from as low as £15.99.

    By now, you’ve probably guessed that, as a health editor, I love to workout. It makes my mind feel good and my body feels strong.

    That said, working in the wrong kit Waste, It distracts you from work, can be uncomfortable, and can even lower your confidence. I would know – I once ran a 37 ultra marathon in the wrong shoes and yes, it was brutal physically and mentally. Ever been in a high-intensity interval training session where your leggings drop down, sag at the buttocks, or sag at the knees? Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    I bought you my guide to the best gym leggings of all time and so on, editing beautiful gym leggings, patterned gym leggings and high waist gym leggings. next? The only gym leggings with pockets that I’d really rate – because a surprisingly high percentage of the designs currently on offer will hold your phone/keys/bank card while you’re standing, but they’ll have to come in handy when you move. Launch rockets into traffic.

    So why is having a pocket so important? Whether you’re a runner or a gym-goer, there’s always somewhere handy to store your essentials. If you’ve never tried a pair, trust me on this one—they’re a game-changer.

    All tested by me, associate chief, health editor here Marie Claire UK, I run marathons for fun and test workout kits for a living, yes, I’m quite fussy about what kits I feature. Know that any leggings, sports bras or running shorts you see on this site come with my personal approval. Keep scrolling – and keep sweating.

    Health Editor Ally Head Trying On Some Leggings In This Round Up

    Testing Process

    You’ve probably seen loads of edits to the best leggings, but you probably haven’t seen many where every single item is individually tested by an internal team.

    This is where our work comes in. We make an active effort to make sure we’re not recommending you wellness products that we haven’t tried ourselves. Read our guide to learn more about how we test.

    What did I see while testing?

    What we saw — aka, what qualifies below to rank as the best gym leggings with pockets?

    Well, the most important thing for me was a. The leggings themselves were flattering, sweat-wicking, and supportive, and b. that pocket really Work, In other words, they were big enough to hold my essentials and nothing fell when I ran or walked.

    In addition, I considered the following:

    • Did they fit properly? Aka, did they sag, shrivel, or fall down?
    • Did they sweat and support me through my workouts?
    • Did they wash off or smell good after a few uses?
    • How many pockets were there and did they hold your luggage?
    • Were there one, two, three essentials, or more in the pocket?
    • Were they good value for money and worth the price tag?

    Gym Leggings With Pockets: Your £££. worth only 6

    Power Gym Leggings – £80 | sweaty betty
    If you’ve seen these power leggings, it’s for good reason. They’re SB’s go-to legging design and sweat-wick and support like a dream. I’ve had mine for a few years now and love that they have not one, but two pockets—one on your left thigh and the other at the base of your back, which has a zipper, to boot. This means you can carry your phone, cards, and keys with you comfortably – I can even squeeze my headphone case when I use them.

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    Go Move High Waist Gym Leggings – £27.50 | M / s
    Similar to the SB Design, the Go Move leggings from M&S have a pocket on your left thigh and a zippered option down your back. I wrote the Go Move Standalone review for a reason – M&S carries some of the best budget gym kits on the market, and these leggings are no different. That said, when I’ve tested, I’ve found that leggings from brands like SB or Lulu tend to keep their quality longer (they don’t smell or smell bad after a few washes).

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    Wonder Train High-Rise with Tight Pockets – £118 | lululemon
    Thoughts when testing Lululemon Wonder Train trunks? I get publicity. They have not one, not two, but three pockets—a hidden pocket in the waistband that holds your cards and keys, and a drop-in pocket on the thigh that fits your phone. They feel like butter yet don’t leave you sweat stains and are soft to touch yet keep your phone and keys in place. Mine still look the same three years, showing they are worth the investment.

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    Fitness Leggings with Phone Pocket – £15.99 | decathlon
    These gym leggings from Decathlon prove that workout gear doesn’t have to cost earth. While testing, I found them comfortable and thought they washed well enough considering the price tag. Plus, the pocket helps with my phone during a five-mile run home. Take note, though: They only have one pocket, which sits on your left thigh. You can fit a phone and maybe a card, but not much else.

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    Cloud Pocket Leggings in Sage – £55 | pocket sport
    I am a big fan of Pocket Sport. They’re the first leggings brand I’ve ever found that managed to design bright, fun colors that don’t leave you with a crotch sweat patch (true story). Plus, they’re comfortable, never budge thanks to the innovative waistband grip, and have a phone-sized pocket on both thighs (which also holds things like cards, keys, and more). One thing I did notice when testing: Small items are more likely to fly off, as pockets don’t zip, but if you make sure they’re filled with other items (a card and a phone, for example) Unlike a card), they are less likely to move.

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    Lightspeed 8/8 Leggings in Black – £98 | LNDR
    Last but by no means least, meet the LNDR lightspeed design – and yes, you’ll feel blazing fast while running in them. When I tested, I loved working in them. I found them to be lightweight, breathable, and also with lots of pocket space. According to the Cloud Pocket Sport design, there is one pocket on each thigh.

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    Why am I the most qualified to test-drive leggings in this piece?

    good question Well, other than the fact that I’m the health editor over here Marie Claire UKI’m a Keen Runner (Fun Fact: Runner love gym leggings with pockets). I’ve run seven marathons and countless stretches in my time, running the London Marathon last year in a Boston qualifying time of 3 hours and 26 minutes.

    I started my career. was in women’s Health Magazine and The Running Channel. So yes, it’s safe to say that I enjoy working out so really know what to look for in a good piece of kit.

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