A reappearance for toxic body standards Next Top Model clip

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A reappearance for toxic body standards Next Top Model clip

A reappearance for toxic body standards Next Top Model clip
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  • The hit show was hosted by Tyra Banks.

    you probably remember America’s Next Top Model – Hit reality TV show that saw models competing for the coveted title.

    Hosted by model and presenter Tyra Banks, the show saw some seriously cool photoshoots and challenges women to show off their skills in modeling, acting, makeovers and more.

    Yet this week, the show was criticized for promoting toxic body standards after a 2003 clip resurfaced.

    In it, Banks can be seen criticizing contestant Robin Manning, who appeared on season one of the show and was called ANTM’s “first plus-size contestant” (she was a UK size ten).

    Banks labels Manning as “plus size,” while fellow judge Janice Dickinson calls her both “fat” and “huge.”

    Examining the image of the 27-year-old model, Dickinson asks: “Are we shooting for the big size category?”.

    “Yeah, Robin would represent a plus-size model — but one problem I have is that at the top she’s not plus-size, and at the bottom she is,” Banks says.

    Dickinson concluded that Manning should be dropped from the race as “the next top model in America is not a plus-size model”.

    It has since gone viral on social media, with several posts sharing how toxic the mischievous attitude towards body image was. Others expressed their shock at not noticing the apparent fatphobia sooner.

    ,[I] I had no idea how toxic this show was,” shared a shocked viewer, while another added: “I can’t believe I grew up watching this, not realizing it was someone’s self-esteem. How harmful it was.”

    One user called for Manning to be released with an apology, sharing online: “She deserved much better.” Another agreed: “No it’s not right, [I don’t care] If it was 20 years ago he needs an apology”

    The clip currently has 256,000 likes and counting, with many retweeting the clip’s montage in disbelief.

    Thankfully, the days of equating your worth only to your physical body or how you look are gone. Here attitudes towards body image are constantly evolving and shifting. After all, every body is different and will look different – ​​no one size fits all.

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