As a Health Editor, Here’s What I Thought

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As a Health Editor, Here’s What I Thought

As a Health Editor, Here's What I Thought
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  • An all-rounder that promises to take you from workout to work.

    This year, Lululemon launched footwear — a big step forward for the athleisure brand, which has been their top selling point for decades, their workout leggings.

    In February, they launched their running trainer (read my review of the Blissfeel here)—a lightweight, propulsive running shoe designed by women for women. Next comes their Chargefeel Workout Trainer, £138, an all-rounder designed for all sweat sessions and available in high- and low-top options and 14 colours.

    Did you know that by 2022, workout shoes were always designed for men and then shrank for women’s feet? Quite shocking, right. Yet this year, Lululemon — along with brands like Adidas — has rewritten the narrative, going back to the drawing board and designing shoes specifically for the female foot.

    I was invited by the brand last week to test the shoes—here’s what, as a fitness editor who tests 5+ pairs of workout shoes a month, I wondered. Don’t miss our guide to the best running trainers team-tested MCwhile you are here.

    Health editor Ellie Head trying out the Lululemon Chargefeel Shoe. credit: associate chief

    Lululemon Chargefeel Workout Trainer Review: “A true all-rounder – I can’t fault them.”

    He worked with leading biomechanics and analyzed millions of foot scans before starting Chargefeel’s design process. They knew they wanted to design an all-rounder shoe, because realistically, most women only buy one pair of workout trainers and they would need it to be suitable for every session.

    Currently, most people work several different ways in shoes that are designed for just one – for example, weight training in Super Spring, cushioned running trainers or flat-like weight training shoes. running in Not only is this bad for your workout form, it can be seriously bad for your body, and can lead to injuries along the way (read our expert-led guide to preventing injury here).

    Lululemon Low Rise Chargefeel Trainer – £138

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    So, yeah, it’s fair to say that I was excited about Chargefeel. You don’t need to invest in more than one pair of trainers—they should be multifunctional.

    When I tested, I wore it to a strength training class, a five-mile run, and a walk. my initial thoughts? They look simple, are easy to apply and are instantly comfortable. When I pull them up for my strength class, I immediately noticed a bounce and lightness in my step, which I didn’t expect from the shape of the heel.

    Pros: My arch feels supported and stable both lifting the weight and pounding the pavement. During our circuit class, I was surprised to learn that the shoes actually provide the right support for both weight and high-intensity movements, such as high knees and jumping lunges – generally different for two completely different disciplines. – Requires separate support. I’m stable enough to sit, but also springy for cardio moves—a tough middle ground to strike. My feet are also blister-free after three workouts in the trainer.

    The brand promised versatility with this launch, and which they have delivered. They promised the shoes would offer you the buoyancy you need for running, the support you need for strength training, and a flexible yet super-charged outsole for HIIT, circuits, and every workout in between—and they really do.

    Lululemon High Rise Chargefeel Trainer – £138

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    Another highlight for me: I’ve worn trainers to the office a couple of times with suit trousers and a tank top, and they fit seamlessly into your work wardrobe—something I think works well for working, busy essential for women. No one wants to carry two pairs of shoes around and likewise, investing in a multi-purpose kit is durable And A good way to guarantee value for money.

    Shortcoming: I’m clinging to straws, but if I find some, when trying white, they go giddy pretty quickly (that’s what you get for living and running in central London). I personally like the double logo branding on shoes – it’s subtle and not overly noticeable – but some may find it a bit excessive. As far as I know, most other running shoes show the same logo in general, but it varies from brand to brand.

    Lululemon strikes the right balance with this shoe, in my opinion—their customers love their kit for its versatility and ability to wear it with everything from barre to brunch. This is the USP of the shoe: It’s truly an all-rounder, but it’s also grounded in performance, meaning it’ll not only look great, but will support you through any workout.

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