As a Health Editor, These Are My 8 Tasks

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As a Health Editor, These Are My 8 Tasks

As a Health Editor, These Are My 8 Tasks
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  • Inspired by those iconic photos of Princess Di in shorts and an oversized jumper and now looking for the perfect pair of women’s cycling shorts? Then you are at right place here as part of our work Marie Claire UK It’s up to you to test fit kit.

    You read that right – as health editors and ecommerce writers, we’re constantly on the hunt for gym wear that lasts longer, doesn’t sweat, and is good value for money. Best gym leggings? Best Running Trainer? Heck, even the best oversized gym tee shirt? Been there, tried it, and rounded up the best options for you. Next: Cycling Shorts For Women All Types of workouts.

    While we’ve also included our go-tos for cycling, (Rafa, FYI), we’ve also added our favorite pairs for running, the gym, and more, because they’re not just for cycling. Far from it—they’re actually one of our favorite styles for working out, especially in the summer when it’s scorching outside.

    Women’s Cycling Shorts: 8 Pairs, Tested By Marie Claire Team

    1. Best Padded Cycling Shorts

    Women’s Core Shorts – £75 | Rafa
    If you’re an avid cyclist, the Rafas are the best shorts I’ve found for bum-padding (no pain from your saddle here), waist support, and sweat-wicking, too. They’re also a great price point for a brand that designs high-tech performance gear. I wore them for a ten mile bike ride and they didn’t go up or down. – Associate Chief, Health Editor

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    2. Best Cycling Shorts for Running

    Base Pace High-Rise Short 6″ – £48 | lululemon
    While not quite as good as their old Fast & Freestyle, which are now out of stock, the new Base Pace design from Lululemon comes a close second. They have fewer pockets, sure, but still have enough room in the back pocket for your phone, cards, and keys. Plus, when I tested them out, I found them to be lightweight, supportive, and feel like a second skin thanks to the effortless design. – Associate Chief, Health Editor

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    3. Best Cycling Shorts for the Gym

    Power 6″ Cycling Shorts – £60 | Sweaty Betty
    Perhaps my favorite cycling shorts out of all the pairs I tested, you can see why the SB’s power range is a bestseller. I’ve run two marathons in these shorts and they are great. Flattering, supportive, and sweat-wicking, they’ve supported me through many weighting sessions and they’ve never chafed, rolled, or rolled. They have plenty of pockets for your belongings—one on each thigh and one on your lower back, even with zips. – Associate Chief, Health Editor

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    4. Best High Waist Cycling Shorts

    cloud shorts, £48 | pocket sport
    I won’t lie to you, I was initially drawn to these women’s cycling shorts because of the pretty blue color, however, after testing them over the course of several workouts, I can confirm that the fit is just as impressive. They feature a sticky band around the waist (also known as a waistband gripper) that keeps them from falling down, and also have a small interior pocket to hold your cards and keys. I was concerned that the light color would cause the shorts to be visible or show sweat stains, but I haven’t found a flash of underwear or sweat patches yet. –Grace Lindsay, ecommerce writer

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    5. Best Adidas Cycling Shorts

    Designed to move High Rise Short – £22 | adidas
    A simple design, these adidas women’s cycling shorts are purse-friendly and therefore a no-brainer if you’re after a pair that won’t cost the earth. When I tested them, they didn’t clog or tear – that said, I wouldn’t wear them for longer distances (13 miles plus) as I found they didn’t wick as well as the other options . Opt to downsize, as they tend to be larger sprints, and note that they also don’t have poked built in, which means they’re better designed than running for the gym or pilates. as well Available in plus size. – Associate Chief, Health Editor

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    6. Best Nike Cycling Shorts

    Dri-FIT Epic Luxe Trail Shorts – £49.95 | nike
    I included these in my round up of the best running shorts that don’t clog, because they’re also great and long-lasting in my experience. I found them ideal for trails thanks to the long pockets (seven) on trails and the ability to keep sweatpants away. Great for hiking too – read our guide to the UK’s best hikes here. – Associate Chief, Health Editor

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    7. Best Black Cycling Shorts

    Less firmness in black – £62 | PE Nation
    Before trying out the Pee Nation Kit, I had a misconception that it was athleisurewear as opposed to quality performance activewear. How wrong was I? These shorts are the most supportive I’ve tested, stay sweaty, and really flatter without any leg or tumultuous bulges. They’re tight without being choppy and the sheen of the fabric means they look great for a barre or brunch. It is safe to say that I am a fan. – Associate Chief, Health Editor

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    8. Best Ribbed Cycling Shorts

    Timeless 5 Inch Shorts in Tourmaline – £38 | SEFI
    I am a real fan of these ribbed cycling shorts for several reasons. When I tested them, I found them to be the perfect balance of soft but supportive, holding you in all the right places without cutting you in half or hurting your midsection. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by how well they wick sweat – I’ve worn them to the gym and ten mile runs and they were great.

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    Don’t forget to check out our edit of running shorts that don’t fall down while you’re here.

    Women’s Cycling Shorts: What to Look for in a Good Pair

    Good question – because there’s nothing more frustrating than spending your money on a kit that won’t support you through your workout.

    If you prefer shorts for cycling, opt for:

    • Enough buttock padding/cushioning – so you don’t get horrible numb bum.
    • Grip around the belly so they don’t fall down – essential for short, mid and long distance rides.
    • The perfect fit around your feet so your circulation isn’t cut off mid-ride like above.
    • Buy shorts designed for women – check that the front cams are long enough and that the leg length is right for you.

    If you’re after cycling shorts for workouts like running, weight training, Reformer Pilates, and more, go for:

    • Sweat-wicking and breathable – Cotton shorts won’t cut it if you plan on sweating them.
    • Supportive – You’re the one with the high waist that won’t roll down, but won’t cut you in half either.
    • Pockets that don’t get in the way – If you’re using cycling shorts for floor work, avoid zips in the lower back.

    Happy sweat.

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