Blake Lively shares photo of baby bump while calling the press

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Blake Lively shares photo of baby bump while calling the press

Blake Lively shares photo of baby bump while calling the press
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  • Hear hear.

    Blake Lively shared the first pictures of her baby bump on Instagram.

    She addressed the paparazzi in her caption, sharing that she only shared the images so that the press would leave her alone to get the first photo of her bump at the door of her house.

    Wanting to take control of the story, Lively said: “Here are pictures of me pregnant in real life, so 11 people are waiting outside my house [unicorn] Watching will leave me alone. You scare me and my kids.”

    She confirmed that she was expecting her fourth child last week.

    Calling out the photographers, she reflected on how much of an invasion of her privacy it was to wait at her door to take pictures of the paparazzi.

    In the carousel of images, she also shared cute photos of herself and husband Ryan Reynolds, as well as an image of her and her longtime best friend Taylor Swift.

    She has slammed the press before. Back in 2021, he called daily mail australia and accused him of stalking, harassing and intimidating her and her three children.

    he is also called I! news To share photos of your children without consent. She said: “It’s very disturbing. I have personally shared with you that these people chase and harass my kids. And you’re still posting.”

    “You said you’d stop. You promised me personally. It’s not accidental compliments. It’s you, too, exploiting very young children. Please. Erase. Please. Some parents are okay with that.” We are. No.”

    She’s always been adamant that she doesn’t want images of her kids to be shared online without her consent—an understandable and natural request from a mom who’s line of work means she stays in the public eye.

    Concluding her recent post, she said: “Thank you everyone for all the love and respect and for unfollowing accounts and publications sharing photos of children,” she concluded in her caption. “You have all the power against them. And thanks to the media, who have a ‘no kids policy’. You all make a difference. More love!”

    We’re with Lively on this one — it’s not okay to pressure media celebrities into sharing images of their bodies or their children purely for traffic purposes.

    Here’s hoping Lively is speaking up as she stops the paparazzi from acting so brazenly in the future.

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