Doctors will soon recommend walking and cycling to patients in the UK

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Doctors will soon recommend walking and cycling to patients in the UK

Doctors will soon recommend walking and cycling to patients in the UK
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    In Health News Today, doctors in England set out to prescribe forms of physical activity.

    Movements such as walking or cycling would be “socially determined” in an effort to promote the health of the country.

    The move comes as government officials are attempting to ease the current stress on the NHS.

    You may be aware of the many benefits of walking and how mindfulness can boost both your physical and mental health, but now, a government scheme will actively aim to make both a part of your daily lifestyle.

    Rolling into eleven parts of England – Bath and North East Somerset, Bradford, Cornwall, Cumbria, Doncaster, Gateshead, Leeds, Nottingham, Plymouth, Suffolk and Staffordshire – the pilot scheme will set out bicycle training, free bike loans, walking clubs and other activities. and exercise classes for wheelchair or mobility scooter users.

    The government was awarded £12.7 million to fund the scheme, which is due to expire in 2025. They are hoping that as a result there will be a reduction in both GP appointments and dependence on drugs.

    While this plan can be a great way to show people that, while we’re dealing with a cost of living crisis, working out doesn’t have to mean a gym membership and expensive kits. Far from it – often the best way to exercise and stay active is free (think walking, stretching and running).

    That said, several Twitter users have pointed to problems with the plan. Some people are concerned that expending more calories at a time when people are struggling to eat may not be wise.

    Dom said on Twitter: “GP’s “prescribed” walking and cycling won’t change health disparities in the UK When I go out on my bike I worry if I can afford the calories I burn. – I can cycle your daily allowance of calories = another day’s meal on my bills.”

    Others have also mocked the move, with Twitter user Le Plong saying: “Surely people can go for a walk without needing a GP to tell them?”.

    But Health Minister Maria Caulfield is backing the plan, and shares that movement is key to boosting both your physical and mental health – not to mention the ease with which the strain on the NHS is on the NHS. “Being active is extremely beneficial for both our mental and physical health, helping to reduce stress and ward off other ailments such as heart disease and obesity.

    what do you reckon?

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