Fearne Cotton on the importance of reconnecting, now the lockdown is over

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Fearne Cotton on the importance of reconnecting, now the lockdown is over

Fearne Cotton on the importance of reconnecting, now the lockdown is over
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  • As his Happy Place festival returns.

    It has been a challenging few years thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and multiple lockdowns alone.

    If you’re feeling a little sad, don’t worry — you’re far from alone. One survey found that 64% thought the stress of the past few years “had at least one adverse effect on their mental health and wellbeing.”

    That said, the lockdown is now – thankfully – over, and thanks to the booster programme, COVID cases are more manageable. As Fairen CottonThe best-selling author, podcast host, and presenter explains why when we chat, it’s important to reconnect with like-minded people to boost your spirit, lift your mood, and thrive again. It’s time.

    Keep scrolling for her thoughts on the undeniable power of human connection—and while you’re here, don’t miss our guide to negative thoughts, self-care ideas, and breathing training.

    Fearon Cotton: “Human connection is one of the most influential attributes of our general well-being”

    summer is On th eway And for me – and for many of you – it would mean festivals.

    While once for me festivals were synonymous with vodka and sloppy Dr. Martins’ hip flasks, these days, they’ve taken on a whole new shape and meaning. Not only is my festival-going a little more bland these days, but it’s also become a strong part of my calendar that I know will bring connection on a deeper level.

    In 2019, we held our first Happy Places festival in London and Manchester, with over 12,000 people happily meditating, listening to conversations and moving their bodies to feel happy. It was like a total dream come true.

    I don’t need to go into what has mattered to live events over the past two years because we can all still feel the detachment and isolation from others in our bones.

    Although I’m an outgoing and proud introvert, I really need true connection to get a feel for what is and isn’t. Human connection is one of the most influential attributes of our general well-being and after two years of starvation, we need to interact in groups, laugh and pounce on each other energetically.

    How many of you have Zoom fatigue, Netflix burn, or just a little lazy when it comes to pushing yourself out of your comfort zone?

    I know I have my hand for all three. I’m still emerging from days in tracksuit-wearing, slippers like the mole of a baby experiencing daylight for the first time.

    Instead of looking at the person I’m about to talk to, I’m beyond catching my own eye on a Zoom call. I smile at my eye bags and completely lose connection with other people on Zoom. I’m bitterly bored of myself pretending to see that agency of paris (Joe, PS Jadore) is just as good as seeing real friends. I have become a little more comfortable in my sannyasin-like state and I know that I need to find true connection with others.

    We may have fought over the past two years without many people noticing, but have we succeeded? I know how good I feel after being accused by a large group of people so I’m ready to take off my slippers and get myself out of there.

    Due to all of the above I am excited to announce that our Happy Place celebration will be held once again in the South and North so that we can meet face to face and feel the energy of a great group of wonderful souls.

    To feel truly connected we need proper eye contact away from the screen, real face-to-face conversations and shared experience to feel a part of something.

    These are all factors that I am highly focusing on for this year’s Live Happy Places festivals. This year our aim is to help reduce the anxiety of people who are afraid of large groups and our focus is on simple yet important practices that make us feel good.

    Whether it’s participating in a group meditation, learning new yoga poses, or trying your hand at mindful movement; For conversations with intelligent storytellers or slowing down the mind in some arts and crafts, I hope you agree that all of these things are much better. off a screen.

    Join us in real real life for eye contact, new experiences, and getting out of your comfort zone.

    Tickets go on sale today, Friday the 6th happyplaceofficial.co.uk, The festival will be held at Chiswick House and Gardens on 6 and 7 August and at Tarton Park in Cheshire on 3 and 4 September.

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