How do I help raise the profile of women in cycling

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How do I help raise the profile of women in cycling

How do I help raise the profile of women in cycling

Keira McVity on recovering from illness, YouTube and cycling is a sport that keeps on giving

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It’s the perfect sunny day for cycling – as YouTuber Keira McVitty records her win in the koda KAMIQ and tells us excitedly about her hopes for women’s cycling this year.

That’s because for the first time ever the Tour de France Femme could usher in a new generation of women joining the sport. And while the former pro’s goal is to “encourage everyone to ride a bike,” it’s also about “raising the profile of women in cycling.”

Having been born into the fourth generation of racing cyclists in his family, it is not surprising that bikes are in his DNA. But Keira has also forged her own path – helping out in every way possible to become a household name and garner a fanbase that’s a little more achievable than everyone else.

“It’s one of those things that’s hard with women’s cycling,” she explains. “Because the riders don’t know, how can you know their story and fall in love with these riders?”

Being given a chance to turn professional at a young age, Keira thought she finally had a chance to impress herself. But being told in 2017 that she had anemia was a real blow – meaning she would be unable to compete like never before.

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Only this cloud had a silver lining. Keira started a YouTube channel years ago and, with more time on her hands, was able to enjoy cycling in new ways and discover endless opportunities to share it with others.

“Cycling did all these horrible things to me, but it also saved me from all these horrible things,” she smiles. “Now my relationship with cycling is the best I’ve ever had.”

Keira’s popular channel allowed her to join the koda DSi Cycling Academy, which is led by Olympic athlete Dame Sarah Storey. The academy helps young women cycling to succeed, which Keira adores.

Another highlight saw her as a standout social media star at the Tour de France last year – “Cursions capture the event!” – and sees 250 service cars supplied by koda power the world’s largest cycling festival.

On the Skoda Kamiq she sits in today, she says: “I’m a big fan of the virtual cockpit. It has a really clear view and a 9.2″ touchscreen so you can connect all your devices. Handy for gadgets like GPS computers and smartphones. ,

All wrapped up as a compact SUV, the KAMIQ is perfect for road trips to Keira with friends—and heading out for a ride almost anywhere.

It all goes to show that one can always be better opened when one door closes another – and who knows where you’ll go next.

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