How Women’s Euro 2022 is inspiring women on and off the field

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How Women’s Euro 2022 is inspiring women on and off the field

How Women's Euro 2022 is inspiring women on and off the field
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  • Can team sports be the key to confidence?

    Women’s Euro 2022 has finally brought women’s football into the limelight. The Lionesses are having a moment, with mainstream media covering every game and the BBC even withholding the ten o’clock news for the first time last week to show extra time for the quarter-finals.

    Tonight, they face off against Sweden in the semi-finals, struggling for a place in the final.

    There’s no doubt that Lioness has inspired millions of sports fans around the world – and, interestingly, a new UK Visa study researching female entrepreneurs across Europe revealed that those who play football or netball As teams play sports, they have more confidence, better resilience, and better mental well-being.

    “The link between physical activity and physical, mental and social well-being has long been established. Now, our research sheds light on the link between team sport and business success for many women entrepreneurs.” Managing Director of UK Visas Mandy Lamb says.

    So, how is team sport inspiring women?

    The findings showed that people who played team sports were generally more positive, confident and resilient in business. Case in point: 75% of female business women who were polled say it has had a positive impact on their professional lives.

    The researchers who conducted the findings believe that this is because you develop the same important skills in sports, such as stress management and self-confidence, as in business. Among those surveyed, 50% said that sports helped them with stress, fatigue or overwork.

    Furthermore, one in three also say that they get confidence from team sports, which they take for granted in their work lives.

    Other key skills that span both play and work include adapting to change and communication.

    Research has shown that one of the major barriers for women to start their own business is a lack of confidence. One way to increase confidence? take a team sport.

    Former England footballer, Karen Carney MBE, shares how transferable skills are in sport and business was a big eye opener for him, “Women are a driving force for small business and power economies around the world,” she shares. “For many women who play team sports such as football, their work lives benefit as well.”

    Of course, taking up team sport isn’t critical to commercial success, but it’s clear that many women entrepreneurs who Doing Take the team sport See the benefits beyond the pitch.

    Interested in giving it a try? Our health editor’s pick of the best gym classes, barre classes and reformer Pilates classes can help just as well.

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