I Tried the New Jo Vicks Gusto Summer Recipe Box

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I Tried the New Jo Vicks Gusto Summer Recipe Box

I Tried the New Jo Vicks Gusto Summer Recipe Box
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  • While the most eco-friendly according to packaging, the flavor combinations are nutrient-dense and delicious.

    Looking for healthy meal delivery ideas? Well, news flash: There’s a new Joe Wicks Gausto summer collab and we tested it for you.

    The world-renowned PT skyrocketed to fame on the UK’s first lockdown after launching Pee With Joe – a live daily workout for school children learning from home.

    He first personally invested in the company in 2019 in collaboration with Gousto. Now, the country’s favorite PE teacher has once again collaborated with Recipe Box Company to launch the feel-good fuel range of Joe in the summer season. It’s simple, really – choose one of twelve options and have all the ingredients delivered to your door, recipe card included.

    Curious to hear what we thought when we gave it a go? Keep scrolling, and don’t miss our guide to the best protein powders, what to eat after a workout, and the best probiotics for women, while you’re here.

    I Tried Gausto x Jo Vicks Summer Recipes: Here’s What I Thought

    When Gausto asked if I wanted to try the range, I was interested to see how PT would put a spin on Gausto’s more traditional dishes.

    Their full range of summer recipes now available include:

    • Mild Cheese Baked Veggie Enchiladas
    • Mild Harissa Beef Mince Ragu Herbie with Yogurt and Carrot Mashu
    • Warm Meat-Free Sausage, Mustard and Broccoli Salad
    • Lemon and Thyme Summer Roast Chicken
    • Light Cheese Spaghetti and Beef Meatball Bake
    • Light Onion Bhaji and Mango Salad with Chilli Chole
    • Chicken Grain Bowl with Zingy Green Cashew Sauce
    • Tagine-Style Squash Salad with Giant Couscous and Pomegranate
    • Light Smoky Chipotle Mac ‘n’ Cheese
    • Mild Paprika Pork Burgers, Apple Salad and Smoky Butternut Squash
    • Mexican-Style Chard Corn and Chipotle Feta Salad
    • Chicken Tikka Roti Wrapped with Beetroot and Carrot Slices

    credit: associate chief

    So, what did I think of the Gosto Boxes?

    I tried the chicken grain bowl and the tagine-style salad and the dishes were delicious. They’re not lying when they say the boxes are filled with fresh ingredients, and my partner and I both found the recipes to be very easy to follow, meaning they’re suitable for all cooking abilities.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that most recipes include at least 2 out of your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables, but at least one would expect from the range designed by The Body Coach. Plus, you do the basic preparation — things like chopping garlic and onions — yourself, minimizing the waste of plastic utensils to transport them.

    Cons: I was not too impressed with the amount of packaging that comes with the food, despite it being mostly reusable or recyclable. Why? Well, I can’t see every Gousto user disposing of their garbage properly or ensuring that ice packs, for example, are reused, which would then become a waste problem in itself. Is. That said, Gausto is a certified B Corp brand, which means they’ve actually been rigorously tested to function in a sustainable manner.

    Likewise, I thought the portions were small (but that may just be because I’m marathon training and that’s why I’m always hungry).

    Jo Wicks x Gusto Summer Recipe

    credit: associate chief

    So how healthy are the meals actually compared to other Gousto meals? They’re lower in fat than your standard Gousto meal, contain at least two portions of vegetables, and sit at about 500 calories per portion.

    Wicks said on their new range: “I teamed up with my friends at Gusto to put together a stellar array of feel-good recipes for summer. Loaded with fresh fruits and vegetables, these recipes include clever hacks to keep it healthy. There are — but don’t worry, they’re seriously satisfying in the flavor department.”

    “What’s more, using Gousto prevents food waste at home—no food waste means no money in the bin.”

    Not keen on trying out Gusto Box but inspired by Wix’s approach to cooking? Our guides to healthy breakfast ideas and healthy breakfast ideas can help.

    Here are her three tips for fail-safe summer cooking: Keep things fresh, remember that carbs aren’t the enemy (they give you energy, FYI), and find your balance.

    While some food delivery boxes focus more on ease of recipe or taste, the Jo Vicks range from Gusto promises to be both delicious, easy to make and nutritious.

    Worried you might not be able to afford the box on the cost of life crisis affecting almost everyone in the UK? Gousto calls itself the UK’s best value recipe box, offers meals for as little as £3.14 per portion, and currently has an introductory discount of up to 65% when the site is running.

    Joe Feel Good Fuel Range Available to order now with first delivery on 16 July.

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