I’m a Fitness Editor – These Are My 12 High Waist Gym Leggings

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I’m a Fitness Editor – These Are My 12 High Waist Gym Leggings

I'm a Fitness Editor - These Are My 12 High Waist Gym Leggings
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  • He won’t roll over, sag, or cut you in half.

    So, you’re after a pair of high-waisted gym leggings but don’t want to spend the money on a pair that will roll up mid-workout while exposing your midriff.

    No one likes a workout kit that doesn’t deliver what it promises, and the main tenant of a good pair of high-waisted workout leggings is that they’re just that: high-waisted and high-waisted workout leggings. Don’t Roll down on any occasion (or burpee).

    Like my edit of the best gym leggings, I’ve tried and tested all of the leggings in this roundup. I’m a regular marathon runner and strength train, so I’ve tested the ones below for you in short runs, long runs, speed sessions, and gym sessions.

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    Testing Process

    So, what do I look for in a good pair of high-waisted workout leggings? Support, compression, and sweat-wicking comfort that’s stood the test of time. I would never include a pair of leggings that aren’t squat-proof, leave you with crotch sweat patches, or fall down mid-squat.

    Curious to know how the team MC Test all the products we cover? All of the products below have been personally tested by me and are the leggings I would buy myself. It does not contain any products which I have not personally tried.

    The leggings below were tested over at least one three-mile run and one gym session, but most of them were worn for at least four to five workouts before the review was written.

    What did I look for when deciding on the best high waist gym leggings?

    aka, what is the criteria for success? good question

    • First and foremost: are the leggings really that high-waisted and does the band stay in place while supporting you during your session?
    • Do the leggings fit well (no wrinkled knees or baggy bums), and are they true to size?
    • Are they sweaty?
    • Aren’t they see-through?
    • Do they provide compression?
    • Was the material prone to rustling or piling up?
    • How well did the leggings retain their structure over time, and did they wash well?
    • Is the product reasonably priced? (We know times are tough right now—don’t forget to check out the guides to free and free exercise at home. Below is my seal of approval in the form of a fit kit: really lasts a long time.)

    Health editor Ellie Head trying out some of the high-waisted gym leggings featured in this article

    I’m a Fitness Editor: These Are My 12 Go-To Pairs of High Waist Workout Leggings

    1. Inexpensive High Waist Workout Leggings

    CRZ YOGA Women’s Naked Feeling Workout Leggings – £23 | heroine
    I was pleasantly surprised with these Amazon dupes – sure, they won’t last as long as higher price point designs, but for £23, I found them both helpful and flattering.
    On the high-waisted front – the design felt similar to more high-end options, hugging my mid-section in a soft yet supportive way. They didn’t roll down during the sweat sessions I tried and I liked that the leggings move along your body but don’t end around your lower belly as a result.
    If you’re a sweaty person like me, note that you might get sweat stains in lighter shades.

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    2. Gymshark High Waist Leggings

    Flex High Waisted Leggings – now £36, £45. was , gymshark
    A mid-price point option, I liked these leggings from Gymshark and found the high-waisted design to be both sculptural and supportive—it didn’t roll, but gripped me more at the waist than other pairs I tried.
    I also found them to be a good workout companion and flattering, but note that they are a lot thicker than other options, so not ideal for summer sweat sessions. They’re great for cold winter workouts, though (or worn around the house as energy bills continue to rise). Little girls, take note: They run a little taller, and rise extra high on the belly.

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    4. High Waist Workout Leggings With Tummy Control

    Cloud Pocket Leggings Ultraviolet – £55 | pocket sport
    I’ve been a fan of Pocket Sport since I tried their workout shorts in this color and couldn’t find the crotch sweat patch—which, if you workout regularly, you’ll understand is pretty rare. They’re actually a great high-waisted option because they hit that sweet spot of being comfortable, but really last, thanks to the non-stick grip that lines the waistband.
    The quality is excellent and I have never been disappointed with their product. Buy one for a mid-range option that feels more expensive, will last for ages (I’ve had mine for 3+ years now and they still feel like new), and sweat-wicking seamlessly.

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    5. High Waist Workout Leggings With Pockets

    Wonder Train High Rise Tight – £88 | lululemon
    As well as being the perfect mid-torso amount of high waist, the Lululemon Wonder Train Leggings have not one, not two, but three pockets—one on your lower back and one on your thigh.
    Plus, this particular design has a drawcord around the waist which means you can be sure you get the perfect fit.
    While testing, I loved how they hugged my waist and really Do not move during any workout. Plus, they stayed cool, no matter how much I sweat (and trust me, a few sessions were sweaty,

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    6. Super High Waisted Workout Leggings

    Exhilarating Leggings – £107 | PE Nation
    After a pair of workout leggings that are not only high-waisted but, basically touch your boobs? Enter step right, the Pei Nation design, which promises to not only support you around the waist, but also sit higher than usual.
    They’re definitely a higher price point option, but the leggings are really high quality and sculpted too. When testing these, I especially liked how comfortable I felt knowing they were 100% squat-proof (trust me, I tested them extensively).

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    7. High Waist Gym Leggings Sale

    Takefit 3 Stripes Long Gym Leggings – now £22.80, was £38. adidas
    While most Adidas leggings are great, they certainly aren’t high-waisted—that is, other than the TechFit range, most of which have comfortable high-waisted designs that are great for both working out and wearing to brunch.
    When I tried it, the support band around the wasset dug a bit but wasn’t noticeable after a while. They are currently on sale – go, go, go.

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    8. Best Black High Waist Gym Leggings

    All Day High-Vest Gym Leggings – £70 | sweaty betty
    Sweaty Betty knows how to design high-waisted, supportive leggings. Carving the perfect mid-point between soft and sculpted, these all day leggings really live up to the hype.
    I love that he accompanies me with everything from Pilates to long-distance runs to strength training, but also has enough quality material to wear to the office with an oversized jumper and boots. I’ll downsize for the most supportive fit as the SB comes in a bit bigger.

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    9. High Waist Compression Workout Leggings

    Form High-Rise Compression Tights – £70 | 2XU
    Another great high-waisted option, the 2XU is known for its compression tights. Not sure what that means? Well, making sure your tights have enough compression (which literally translates to pressure, FYI) has been found to promote recovery and even reduce the risk of injury.
    When I tried it, the leggings stayed up and sweated well – IMO a great high-waisted option for runners.

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    10. Seamless High Waist Workout Leggings

    Ultimate Leggings in Dark Olive – £39.99 | adnola
    For the ever more fashion-forward gym goer, I suspected Adnola leggings wouldn’t actually do well—often, the kit that looks good doesn’t wick or sweat support. But I was wrong—I’ve worked in my Ultimate Leggings at least 20 times now and they’ve never rolled down, shrugged around the belly or waist, or made me feel unsupported.
    They are great, and have an affordable price point too.

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    11. Nike High Waist Gym Leggings

    Dri-Fit One – £39.95 | nike
    These leggings call themselves “second skin”—which, when I try on, I admit, isn’t that far off. They’re great, rivaling higher-end versions in their high waist-ness, but also in their comfort, support, and sculpting abilities.
    They’re super lightweight and soft, making them really easy to wear. Plus, they won’t break the bank.

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    12. High Waist Gym Leggings 3/4 Length

    The Limitless 6/8 Leggings – £88 | LNDR
    You may not have heard of LNDRs, but you won’t forget their leggings once you try them.
    Cleverly, they offer hidden technology at the front of the waistband that makes you feel extra supported, and gives you a streamlined silhouette. They have three length options – full length (8/8), ankle length (7/8), and calf length (6/8). Worth the price tag.

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    Happy shopping – and sweating.

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