Instagram’s new feature lets you hide weight loss ads from your feed

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Instagram’s new feature lets you hide weight loss ads from your feed

Instagram's new feature lets you hide weight loss ads from your feed
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  • See you later, fad diets.

    Today taking a step towards body positivity and self-love, Instagram has announced that you can now hide weight loss ads from your feed.

    Trigger Alert: Discusses the topics of weight loss and eating disorders

    The social media giant has long come under fire for its toxic body standards and weight loss ads, with celebrities including Jameela Jamil calling them out for triggering eating disorders and more.

    Still, do you know? A new tool has been launched that actually enables you to completely get rid of weight loss ads from your feed.

    So, how do you roll it out to your account? go towards:

    • Adjustment
    • Click “Advertisements”
    • Click on “Ad Topics”
    • Click on “Body Weight Control”
    • Click “View Less”.

    And saw – The ads in your feed should now be ready and that means you don’t see any ads promoting detox teas, weight loss shakes, diet plans, etc.

    The rollout is believed to have happened earlier in the year, but it took some time to catch on.

    Know this: Every body is different and will look different to your best partner. While losing weight can sometimes be beneficial to your health, hunger never leads to weight loss.

    Not to mention the fact that weight loss ingredients can be extremely triggering for some, and it’s well known that fad diets (and yes, that include detox teas and shakes) don’t work.

    This comes after body-positive influencer Katie Bundenberg’s petition. Speaking on why it was so important to ban ads, she shared: “It’s no secret that the purpose of a weight loss ad is to make you feel inadequate in your body so you’ll need a huge amount of money to help the company.” You can be persuaded to pay. You lose weight. For some, these ads may be harmless and they can cause scrolling but for some these ads are trigger and dangerous.

    She continued: “That’s why we’re asking that Instagram add the option not to see weight loss ads; this setting already exists for other potentially triggering topics, such as alcohol and parenting, And it should be extended to weight loss. This setting makes Instagram a safer, and therefore more inclusive, place for people with a history of disordered eating and/or body image issues.”

    Note, however – there may be some discrepancies in filtering and some ads may end up on your feed. According to the Instagram Help Center, “If you choose to see less of an ad topic, you won’t get as many ads about that topic, and advertisers can’t target you based on your interest in it”—but “you can. You may still see some ads related to these topics, even if you choose to see fewer of them.”

    If this happens, they recommend that you “hide the ad and we will use your feedback to improve the relevance of the ads you see.”

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