Lizzo responds to body shaming comments

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Lizzo responds to body shaming comments

Lizzo responds to body shaming comments
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  • “I’m concentrating on my fat black handsome business.”

    Sadly, American singer and rapper Lizzo has faced several derogatory comments about her body over the years. Body shaming, and its harmful effects, is a topic that the Grammy Award winner has spoken about honestly in the past.

    She has once again addressed comments about her body after an interview given by rapper Ye — the former and better known as Kanye West — during a segment with Fox News.

    For reference, here’s what he said, as reported People: “When Lizzo loses 10 pounds and announces it, bots – that’s a term for telemarketer callers on Instagram – they attack her for losing weight, because the media wants to make that impression That being overweight is the new goal when it’s really unhealthy.”

    “Let’s put this fact aside, whether it’s fashion and vogue, which isn’t. Or if one thinks that’s attractive, to each other,” West said. “It’s really medically unhealthy, and for people, to promote it… it’s monstrous.”

    Clearly addressing these recent comments, good as hell The singer took a moment to share this with her audience during her Toronto show:

    “I feel like everyone in America got my mother****ing name in their mother’s **** without any mother’s mouth for ****ing reason. I’m concentrating on my fat black pretty business Am. “

    She joked again: “Can I stay here? Whom can I marry for that dual citizenship?” to cheers from the crowd.

    Lizzo’s words were quickly picked up by fans and shared on social media, where there was much support for her.

    American comedian Lonnie Love tweeted: “Body positivity is living your life on your terms. Some people in society like to say you can’t live because you don’t look like they think you should..times have and good vibes have always changed @lizzo.

    One fan wrote on Twitter: “with honesty @lizzo Such a blessing to this world. In times of hatred, division and meanness, it is the relentlessly kind person who is bringing joy, class, fun and culture to all. Keep it up Lizzo!”, while others criticized Kanye for targeting the singer.

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