Looking for a 7 Day Detox? A Qualified Dietitian Shares His Opinion

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Looking for a 7 Day Detox? A Qualified Dietitian Shares His Opinion

Looking for a 7 Day Detox?  A Qualified Dietitian Shares His Opinion
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  • You read that right – fad detox diets can harm your health and lead to weight gain in the long run, confirm pros.

    So, you are searching the internet for 7 day detox. Maybe you just came back from vacation and thought you ate too much, or you’re so busy that you’re not eating as much of the nutrient-rich food as you normally would.

    Public service announcement: You don’t need to detox, starve yourself, or eat less just because you’re enjoying your life.

    It can feel suffocating at times—especially in a society where the pressure to eat a certain way, drink a certain way, or attempt every celebrity workout in the sun is still at its highest. she said, that’s all really What matters is what a healthy life looks like for you and your body.

    Keep scrolling to find out why the 7 Day Detox, if you’re considering one, may actually be doing you more harm than good.

    The 7 Day Detox: Why Nutritionists Believe They’re Actually Bad for Your Body

    What is 7 Day Detox?

    According to NHS website and dietician Amanda JohnsonDetox has long been a popular term and centers around the idea that, after eating particular foods, you need to “cleanse” your body of certain toxins or chemicals.

    Detoxes usually promise to cleanse the organs of “bad” toxins and will encourage you to avoid combining food groups such as:

    • Liquor
    • Milk
    • dairy
    • coffee
    • Carbohydrate

    They’ll likely advocate for things like fasting, “kickstarting your metabolism”, exercise, raw foods, and the like.

    But it’s all a myth, she shares—especially the part about toxins. “If the human body really accumulates a lot of toxins, you’ll feel sick,” she explains. ,The concept of detox diet is irrational and unscientific. In fact, when you starve your body of calories your body eventually begins to manufacture chemicals called ketones Which can result in nausea, dehydration, weakness, dizziness and irritability.”

    Why could the 7 Day Detox be bad for you?

    Not to mention the fact that, by cutting out certain food groups from your diet, such as protein, dairy, wheat and so on, you risk depriving your body of essential nutrients it needs to survive. are necessary for. “The reality is that these foods provide us with important nutrients and cutting them out of our diet is unnecessary and potentially harmful.”

    Similarly, if you suddenly drastically reduce your caloric intake (the recommended daily calorie target for women according to the NHS is 2000, and some detoxes recommend consuming anything from 500 to 800 calories) you may Your body is so desperate for energy to function, you’re at risk.

    Woman mixing smoothie for 7 day detox

    Increasing the intake of fruits and vegetables will only provide health benefits (Greetings!, fiber) – you don’t need to go overboard and eat only fruits and vegetables. A good way to look at it: during a Marie Claire UK Decoded Instagram Live, Doctor Megan Rossi, aka The Gut Health Doctor, recommends focusing on what you can add to your plate — aka, what new fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds , legumes or fermenters – what you should be taking instead.

    Health should never be about deprivation – rather, harnessing your body’s innate hunger signals and feeding it food that makes you feel good.

    Like any fad diet, a 7-day detox is another way to starve your body and shed water weight that you simply can’t put back on.

    Instead, focus on building healthy lifestyle habits that support you even when you’ve had a few late nights and 100% fried food.

    things like:

    • drinking enough water daily
    • practicing meditation or mindfulness
    • any way you enjoy walking, whether it’s walking, stretching, running or anything else
    • breathing training

    May all help – but remember, if you don’t enjoy any of the above, don’t force it. A healthy lifestyle isn’t healthy if you don’t enjoy it, after all.

    Struggling to promote any healthy habits you really enjoy? Our guide to redefining negative thoughts can help. Likewise, going to a new gym class or joining a local run club, where the sport is a social event rather than a pressurized workout, just might help.

    On that note: Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body – after all, you can do all the detox in the world but if you’re still not mentally happy, you won’t feel well. Practicing regular self-care and being kind to both your body and mind is key here, and we think our guide to self-care ideas can be helpful.

    Freshly made smoothies are poured into glasses.

    “I Tried The 7 Day Detox – It Was Hell”

    Lewis*, 27 from Bournemouth, shares why she’d never recommend a 7-day detox plan after following herself.

    “I first tried a 7-day detox when I was about 18—I was desperate to fit into a dress for the end of my year.”

    “I was eating as little as a day, and when I first recovered, I was soon accustomed to the feeling of having lost weight, practicing detox more often than I normally would. The energy in me I was suffering from frequent headaches, and was angry all the time. I also lost my periods because I was not giving my body the nutrients it needed.”

    “Now, eight years later, I have a healthy relationship with food and see how ridiculous it was to put my body into such a severe calorie deficit. I’m grateful it didn’t cause more long-term harm and I can’t imagine I did.” How to work out with so little energy all the time. Focusing on creating really healthy habits in my day-to-day instead of overcoming the latest quick-fix diet has changed my life – I’m happier now and really I’m healthy too.”

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