Melanie C was sexually assaulted the night before Spice Girls debut

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Melanie C was sexually assaulted the night before Spice Girls debut

Melanie C was sexually assaulted the night before Spice Girls debut
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  • She said it made her feel both “insecure” and “violated.”

    Melanie C – best known for her role as Sporty Spice in the iconic ’90s girlband Spice Girls – has claimed today that she was sexually assaulted the day before the band debuted.

    Trigger Warning – The article contains topics about sexual assault.

    speaking on how to fail In a podcast hosted by Elizabeth Day, she told that the incident happened while she was getting a massage at a hotel in Istanbul.

    She said: “What happened to me, I was immediately buried, because there were other things to pay attention to. Everything was leading to the pinnacle of everything I ever wanted to do.”

    “I didn’t want to make a fuss — I didn’t have time to deal with it,” she continued.

    Describing the violation and her difficult situation, she described how months of training and a life of dreams led to the moment, meaning she was not able to share what had happened in the dream for fear of sabotage .

    While she reflected, in her own words, that the assault was “mild,” she also said that the fact that it happened during a massage would have made the violation more confusing. “It happened to be an environment where you take your clothes off with a professional person,” she shared. “I felt so weak, and I felt embarrassed.”

    She further said that she decided to share her story after recalling the trauma and incident in the dream itself. “I think it’s really important for me to say this and finally deal with it and process it.”

    The singer has long been candid about her life experiences and learnings, speaking candidly about both her disordered eating and depression at the height of her Spice Girls fame.

    Sadly, she’s not alone – Rape Crisis statistics show that one in four women have been raped or sexually assaulted as an adult, and one in 20 men.

    If you or someone you know has been affected by the topics in this article, know that you are not alone and there is help available. Help is available on Rape Crisis 0808 802 9999 or,

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