“My Honest Review After Trying the New Trending Workout”

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“My Honest Review After Trying the New Trending Workout”

"My Honest Review After Trying the New Trending Workout"
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  • Have you heard about this?

    How many fad diets, quick-fix gym classes, and cure-all supplements have you heard about that promise to boost your fitness, metabolism, and more? Answer: Probably a lot, but thankfully, in 2022, we know to be skeptical about the panacea – health is about building a body for life and a routine you love and enjoy.

    That’s where EMS training comes in – a new fitness trend and style of training favored by the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo and Tom Holland. Catch? It’s a very short session – just 20 minutes – that promises to give you the same results you would in a regular 90-minute gym session. How? Well, you wear a specially engineered EMS suit that delivers electric shocks to your body while you exercise.

    Sure, it sounds a little extreme — but when I was in a strange accident earlier this year and was recommended EMS training as a form of physiotherapy, I was eager to give it a go.

    Keep scrolling for my honest review—and why I think so, while it’s given a bad rep, it’s definitely worth considering.

    EMS Training: “I Tried a New Fitness Trend After a Strange Accident—It Boosted My Physical and Mental Health.”

    What is EMS?

    First things first: What exactly is EMS training? EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation and combined with workouts, it is a method of circuit training that uses electrical impulses to shock your body. These pulses are designed to contract skeletal striated muscles with targeted accuracy and can be used for everything from fat loss to increasing fitness levels.

    This is a low-impact workout that focuses on weight training, but allows you to experience higher intensity levels for the technique.

    As above, celebrities and athletes have been known to use EMS training, including Tom Holland and Cristiano Ronaldo, so this has always been something that fascinated me. said that, I didn’t even think of trying it until it was recently recommended as a form of physiotherapy after an accident.

    A few months ago, the right side of my body was temporarily paralyzed from the waist up. I couldn’t even type without words that looked like the ancient Latin script (a journalist who couldn’t type? ironic).

    The doctors told me that my core muscles were damaged and not sending the right signals to my organs. I had to re-teach my muscles the basics of the grip, and while doing so, my doctor mentioned that EMS has been used for years by physiotherapists to help with similar cases.

    So I turned to Kensington-based e-Pulsive to try my own personal EMS training session to help get my body back to its healthy form, while gaining a better understanding of the science behind it.

    What does an EMS session look like?

    good question First things first, you are put in an EMS suite featuring wireless electrodes. These are activated by a spray of cold water (formulated to look like Lara Croft). Your instructor will then begin with warm-up exercises – at this point the electrical pulse is set to a low level.

    As the session progresses and training continues, the pulses are intensified to target every part of your body.

    I worked with e-Pulsive personal trainer Natalia Naseri, who created a bespoke routine for me to repair my weak muscles. “We worked to focus on improving the cardio system,” she explains. “This strengthened Huma’s muscles, finally regaining the lost agility. EMS training is about helping you manage and improve everything inside your body, versus focusing on what it looks like on the outside.”

    So, how often did I train? I did two EMS sessions a week for two months, working both upper and lower body so as not to put too much pressure on my injured top half. Surprisingly, I noticed that my grip was getting stronger after only four seasons. The first time I dropped short grip strengthener balls over and over again, it was really inspiring to see such quick progress.

    As my sessions went on, I realized that the workout is more than just building your physical strength – it was also boosting my mental strength. Demonstrating this was one reason why E-Pulsive co-founders Eladio De Leon and Mario Caspers wanted to bring German technology to London.

    The EMS training kit I used, photographed by Huma at E-Pulsive Gym

    So, what were my final thoughts on EMS training?

    As someone who has always been very active and works out four times a week, not being able to do much after my accident has really lowered my self-esteem. But turning to e-Pulsive and trying their EMS training didn’t feel like going to a strenuous physiotherapy appointment—the exact opposite, and I really enjoyed it.

    While it won’t be for everyone and can be effective if you have one-to-one sessions, if you’ve been in an accident like me, it’s the most fun physiotherapy I’ve ever tried. Likewise, if you’re a busy CEO who has limited hours a day, this is a great way to squeeze in a short effective session (plus you don’t have to do weights to see your strengths improve).

    It often gets bad rep because it is touted as a quick-fix weight loss tool. While it could be used to that, for me, it was much more than that – it helped me regain my strength and confidence.

    After completing two months, it not only aided in rehabilitating my muscles, but also really boosted my self-esteem. The instructors made it so much fun, and I had so much fun working with Natalia that I looked forward to every class. I knew they would make me feel strong physically, but also mentally strong.

    E-Pulsive offers a range of pricing options starting at £20 per session. For more information and details on how to book, visit e-Pulsive website,

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