The 8 Best Tennis Dresses You Can Wear on and Off the Court

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The 8 Best Tennis Dresses You Can Wear on and Off the Court

The 8 Best Tennis Dresses You Can Wear on and Off the Court
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  • Wimbledon, eat your heart out.

    It’s no secret that tennis skirts have become a fashion statement over the years. The likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been spotted and about (Kendall’s favorite is the Alo yoga skirt below) and designer Miu Miu’s tennis-inspired mini skirt was a key part of her AW22 collection.

    The proof is in the data, in fact: searches for tennis skirts increased 55% in the month of May compared to February this year. here in the team MC, we are involved in it. we wore them very – Because not only do they look beautiful, but they are also great for working out. Tennis is a relatively low-impact cardio workout, which means it’s the perfect sport to take up this summer.

    Interested in investing in a stylish tennis outfit that you can wear on and off the court? Well, you are at the right place.

    We’re testing some of the most popular brands from Aloe Yoga to Reformation to Adidas. Lucky for you, we’ve rated outfits based on how practical they were for workouts as well as whether they’d even pass for everyday outfits when you fancy grabbing brunch with the girls.

    Testing Process

    Wondering Who Tested Tennis Outfits? We enlisted the help of our Health, Sustainability and Relationships Editor, Ellie Head, our Fashion Editor, Zoe Anastasio, and Grace Lindsay, our Ecommerce Writer.

    Between them, they have made a test very Gym kits, matching gym sets, running shorts, gym leggings and more over the years. Ellie, Zoe, and Grace test outfits at the gym, on the tennis court, and even wear some to work (yes, really).

    Health Editor Ellie Head, Fashion Editor Zoe Anastasiou and Ecommerce Writer Grace Lindsay are Testing Tennis Outfits in This Roundup

    What did we look for when choosing our favorite tennis outfits?

    good question Keep scrolling to see what we saw while wearing the outfit.

    • Are they true to size?
    • Aren’t they see-through?
    • Are they sweaty?
    • Are they helpful?
    • Is the product good value for money?
    • Can they be worn as an everyday outfit?

    Team MC. 8 of the Best Tennis Organizations Tested by

    1. Aloe Yoga

    “When it comes to stylish tennis outfits, you can’t go wrong with Elo Yoga. The brand has been seen on Hailey Bieber, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and more, and after trying the Aces tennis skirt for myself, I Totally can see why celebs love it.”

    “After trying on the skirt, I was surprised by the quality. It’s super lightweight, true to size and doesn’t show at all (despite the fact that I wore it the first time I wore black underwear). I felt supported during my workouts and felt lovely enough to try and grab a coffee afterward.

    “Although I didn’t sweat that much, because of the light color, I suspect will sweat a lot. For me, the details are what really make this piece stand out, like the logo waistband and inner shorts. As you can see.” As can be seen from the models below, the skirt can be styled as an everyday piece, and it’s definitely one I’ll be wearing on and off the court for years to come. Grace Lindsay, Ecommerce Writer

    2. Decathlon

    “This tennis skirt by Decathlon’s own brand, Artengo, is a more affordable option. In addition to the amazing price point, this skirt is super comfortable and safe, and I played an hour of tennis (on one of the hottest days of the year) with no problem. but) played.

    “The fabric is very breathable, so there were no sweat stains to be seen. The shape of the skirt was flattering and although it isn’t one of the most stylish options, I still thought you could make it work for day time too. ,

    The only issue I had with the skirt was that I found the waistband to have a slight gap in the back. I would recommend trying it out before buying it, but for the price, it’s great. , Grace Lindsay, Ecommerce Writer

    3. Adnola

    “If you’re not the skirt kind of girl, Adnola has you covered. I’m a huge fan of the brand, so when I saw they released tennis outfits, I knew I had to give one a try. Will be.”

    “I went for lime green tennis shorts and a matching top, as I expected a change from the usual all-white look. I took the outfit straight to the tennis court, and again, no matter how breathable I was, I was blown away. Gone. No sweaty mess here.”

    “Since I was wearing shorts, I felt really comfortable walking around, although they did ride a bit during the match. Plus, this outfit was a winner, and I definitely wanted a pair of New Balance trainers and a pair of girls. I’ll style it with a blazer to get to brunch along.” Grace Lindsay, Ecommerce Writer

    4. Veronica Beard x L’Etoile Sport

    It’s official: This is one of the prettiest tennis skirts (or skirts) I’ve ever seen. Part of a new collab between Veronica Beard and luxury sports brand L’Etoile Sport, it’s a high price point, but It’s definitely an outfit for the gym-then-gin kind of investment.

    “It could certainly pass as a generic skirt thanks to the pointel-less design that the brand shares aesthetic but also breathable. It also has reflective neon green trim for a pop of color.”

    “That said, I wouldn’t say it’s the most practical for a workout. I found the undershorts rolled up and it ran on the shorter side (plus it was a little short). A good investment if you go for brunch or something very light.” Tennis skirts are after all for exercise, but not my recommendation for more intense sweat sessions.” Associate Chief, Health Editor

    5. Adidas

    “I really can’t blame Adidas’s iconic club tennis skirt—it’s a best-seller for a reason. It’s flattering, fits well, and really wears off sweatpants, all pretty As well as looking fashionable (yes, I wore it to the office and on a night out at The Standard). I liked the supportive waistband—which struck the perfect balance of support without digging in—and the logo detailing as well.”

    “A big win for me was that the under shorts really stayed where they were – so, and I mean So Many we tried, rolled over, which are annoying, not to mention uncomfortable and distracting when you’re actually wearing them to workout. ,

    “It’s an affordable price point—you don’t need to break the bank with this. Note, though: I’m five foot 2 and it was a good thigh length on me, so a little short on many other, tall women.” runs.” Associate Chief, Health Editor

    6. Improvements

    “Okay, so the whole team loved this skirt. It’s gorgeous—a tight fit, flattering and statement black trim all set it apart from other designs. We also loved that it’s two-piece, and the bra Key spaghetti straps are very Y2K.”

    “That said, it’s definitely a fashion-focused design, if you ask me. The bra has very little support and the straps were a bit long for my torso (I’m five foot two). The latter are the ones that will support you through endless rallies, so this isn’t the one—it’s not the most helpful for high-intensity exercise and wasn’t the most breath-taking. Is adorable.” – Associate Chief, Health Editor

    7. Lululemon

    “Lululemon is bringing color to the court with this tennis skirt. It has everything you need for a proper match, including built-in shorts, a dual-entry pocket, four-way stretch and sweat-wicking materials and The liner includes mesh panels.”

    “Although the shorts are a bit viewable, you can’t see anything thanks to the top layer. When wearing it myself, I was very comfortable and I found it fit perfectly.”

    “One thing I would say is that this style is definitely a sporty look, so I’m not sure if I would wear it as a fashion statement, but for workouts, it’s ideal.” Grace Lindsay, Ecommerce Writer

    8. Sweaty Betty

    “Game, set, match! While my tennis skills are at my best, this skirt definitely made me the part. The length was just right, and the built-in shorts reassured me that I could run all day without worry.” Am. “

    “The shorts are actually made from Sweaty Betty’s quick-drying, best-selling power fabric, and have breathable ventilated mesh panels on the sides. This item also has a tie at the waist so you can adjust it for the perfect fit. Zoe Anastasiou, Fashion Editor

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