What Davina McCall’s Perimenopause Taught Us

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What Davina McCall’s Perimenopause Taught Us

What Davina McCall's Perimenopause Taught Us

cleverly Duration Tracking (opens in new tab) Apps to work with to understand things better PMDD Symptoms (opens in new tab) And HRT treatment now available over the counter (opens in new tab)We have come a long way when it comes to openly discussing women’s hormonal health. But there are some areas that, despite affecting almost all women, are still little discussed – and perimenopause is one of them.

By 2025, more than 1 billion women worldwide will have experienced perimenopause, yet too often, menopause is still a place of shame and horribly misunderstood. according to Menopause and the Workplace Report by The Fawcett Society and Chanel (opens in new tab), which was published in April this year – and selected 4,000 women aged 45-55 – about half of the women have not contacted their GP about menopause and three in ten experience a delay in diagnosis. has done. while data health and hero (opens in new tab) revealed that one in 10 women suicidal thoughts (opens in new tab) and 86 percent of the victims mental health issues (opens in new tab) As a direct result of perimenopause.

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