What I thought was testing the Lululemon Hike to Swim range

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What I thought was testing the Lululemon Hike to Swim range

What I thought was testing the Lululemon Hike to Swim range
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  • Plus is it really worth your £££.

    I’m a health editor who tests fit kits for a living and so, naturally, when I heard about it New Lululemon Hike to Swim RangeI was curious.

    Athleticwear brands have a cult following in the fitness world: Not only do celebrities Selena Gomez, Kendall Jenner and Lucy Hale wear their tights, but Meghan Markle is a fan, too.

    Celebrities aside, I’ve tested a lot of kits before and our round-up includes the best workout leggings, best running shorts, and best sports bras. Why? Because the price point is undoubtedly higher than that of some other high road options, the quality is superior and built to last (see what I did there).

    Their new concept is simple but clever: a whole range designed for hiking that dries pretty quickly if you like a post-walk dunk. Wild swimming has grown in popularity in recent years, and while hiking and swimming are both fascinating separately, together they form a double whammy.

    Think about it – how many hikes have you gone through in your life where, hot and sweaty, you’ve seen a spectacular body of water and only dipped your toes in it for lack of proper kit? Been there, done that – where this range promises to come. Plus, cold water treatments can help delay the onset of muscle soreness—yes, swimming on your feet after hours boasts physical and mental health benefits.

    Ready to listen to me? While you’re here, don’t miss our guide to the UK’s best hikes, walking benefits, and the best hiking shoes to go with.

    Lululemon Hike to Swim Range: “I’m a Fitness Editor—Here’s What I Really Thought.”

    The range was launched in stores last week and consists of two items – a bra and a pair of shorts. They have also launched a very extensive hiking collection together – 31 items! – The stretchy skirts, coats and bags are all designed with hiking in mind. Think packable, lightweight layering systems, fashion-forward aesthetics and colors, and abrasion-resistant, highly breathable fabrics and you’re on the right track.

    According to Ben Stubbington, senior vice president of design at Lululemon, the brand has been working on the idea for years. “We created a collection of adaptable pieces — convertible, packable and water-resistant — that aim to make it easier to spend more time outside,” he shares.

    So, how was it during testing? I wore the kit on a hike in Horsham followed by a river dunk and paddleboarding session and tried on the Hike to Swim bra and Hike skirt. Initial thoughts: As always with Lululemon designs, the fit is flattering and elevated, basically bridging the gap between fashion and athleisurewear. That, and the kit is functional too – it’s not just about the looks of the kit.

    Health editor associate head is testing Lululemon Hike to Swim kit

    The bra is supportive, long lined and, thanks to its swimsuit qualities, sweats away really quickly. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it dried and there’s no fuss, either—key to those days when you’re in and out of the water and move around a lot. I also love the high neckline and color blocking – the kit feels very 80s.

    That said, I’d recommend going up a size if you prefer a roomier fit and don’t want the bottom half to roll off. Also note: Don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the cutout section on your back.

    I even wore the skirt on hikes and it’s extremely practical—it has several handy pockets with separate pockets (both cargo and zips) for your cards, phone, keys, and more. There are also loops on the front of the skirt for a carabiner or D-ring. Complete with liner cycling shorts to support you through your hikes, I also loved the drawstring waist and high rise design.

    Why was I surprised? Well, I didn’t expect it to dry quickly, plus I expected it to be a mess in the process if I went straight after it was in the water. It didn’t happen, which gets a big yes from me.

    The hike was designed to effortlessly accompany you when you are out in nature and it does. If you are an avid traveler, it is well worth the investment. It’s technically impressive, quick-drying, comfortable, and flattering—everything you could want from a fit kit. The bra can also be used for workouts like running and high-intensity interval training, and the skirt is so fashion-forward that you can wear it on a bicycle or even day-to-day. In my opinion, Kit is an all-rounder.

    Take note, though—the limit is only available for eight weeks, so move fast.

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    Hike to Swim Short 6″ – £68 | lululemon
    Made from the same material as the Hike to Swim bra, these cycling shorts are, again, designed with both hiking and swimming in mind, and also come complete with a zippered front.

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    Multi-Pocket Cargo High-Rise Hiking Skirt – £88 | lululemon
    Sweat-wearing, supportive and drawstring with multiple pockets to boot, this cargo hiking skirt is both stylish and practical. I especially liked how much space it has for your keys, purse, etc.

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