Why Serena Williams’ heartbreaking retirement essay is so important

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Why Serena Williams’ heartbreaking retirement essay is so important

Why Serena Williams' heartbreaking retirement essay is so important
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  • “Trust me, I never wanted to choose between tennis and family. I don’t think it’s fair.”

    In news today, tennis legend and Open record holder Serena Williams has announced that she is stepping away from the sport after 27 years of professional play.

    in an essay for the trend Magazine, she shares her desire to “grow” her career away from sports (she isn’t keen on the term retirement), explaining that she has “something to give” if she is to continue expanding her family.

    The 40-year-old details her dream of having a second child – a sibling to her four-year-old Olympia – in her essay. But she also points out that her career doesn’t allow her to do both – a sentiment that women globally would know all too well.

    “I definitely don’t want to get pregnant again as an athlete — I need to be two feet or two feet out in tennis.” she shares. “Sometimes it is not possible to achieve all your work and family goals at the same time. I’m going to remember that version of me, the girl who played tennis.”

    She explains: “Trust me, I never wanted to choose between tennis and family. I don’t think it is appropriate. If I were a boy, I wouldn’t be writing this because I would play and win there while my wife was doing physical labor to expand our family. But I’m turning 41 this month and I have something to give.”


    Explaining how difficult the decision has been for her, she shares: “I was reluctant to believe that I should give up playing tennis. It is like a taboo subject. It comes up, and I start crying. I think the only person I’ve really been out there with is my therapist. ,

    The athlete currently holds the most medals, with an accidental 23 Grand Slam titles and four Olympic gold medals under his belt.

    But her touching first person — where she explains why she’s walking away from the sport that has shaped her life, legacy and career — is heartwarming. It highlights the choice that many women are forced to make – family or career.

    This issue doesn’t just affect women in sports – it affects all women in all walks of life. Being forced to decide between having a family and pursuing your career just doesn’t have to be—but, really, still is.

    Bravo asked Williams to raise awareness of the topic and further demonstrate that global mega-stars also face similar problems.

    Best wishes to him in his development.

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