Why William and Kate Donated to Deborah James’ Cancer Fund

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Why William and Kate Donated to Deborah James’ Cancer Fund

Why William and Kate Donated to Deborah James' Cancer Fund
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  • Has over £4 million in donations.

    In royal news this week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have donated to cancer fund Podcaster Deborah James Key.

    He joins thousands of others who have donated to raise more than £4 million.

    Deborah, also known as Bowel Babe Online, shared earlier this week that she is receiving life-long care after battling bowel cancer for the best part of five years.

    The presenter – who has always spoken openly about her journey – was diagnosed in 2016.

    to speak on BBC On the podcast You, Me and the Big C, she shares the ups and downs of treatment, as well as what it’s like to battle a deadly disease during a global pandemic.

    Wondering why they donated to this particular cause? Writing on Twitter, Kate and William shared that it was because they “give hope to many who are living with cancer.”

    Thanking them, he commended their “tireless efforts” to raise funds and awareness about cancer and to “end the stigma of treatment”, adding: “Every now and then, someone joins the nation with their enthusiasm. Captures the heart. Strong desire to give back to life and society. @bowelbabe is one of those special people.”

    Furthermore, they shared that they were “delighted to support” the new fund.

    “Deborah, our thoughts are with you, your family and your friends. Thank you for giving hope to so many people who are living with cancer.”

    It comes as Deborah is awarded a Damehood by The Queen in an extremely rare move.

    The fund was founded only days before James announced his forecast. After passing, she wants to fund further cancer research.

    The symptoms of bowel cancer are less known than the symptoms of breast cancer, which is a more common form of the disease. That said, it is important that you educate yourself about the symptoms because the sooner you get treatment, the higher your chances of survival.

    Pay attention to things like changes in your bowel movements, abdominal pain, blood in your stool, or bloating from food.

    It is believed that the donation will be allocated by Cancer Research UK, Bowel Cancer UK and Royal Marsden.

    talking to bbc breakfast Regarding the magnitude of the donation on Wednesday – he raised more than a million pounds in 24 hours – James said he “absolutely loved it,” adding: “It makes me feel like we’re finally one. We are together and we all want to make a difference.”

    “Ultimately what I really want to happen is that I don’t want another Deborah to go through this,” James said.

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