How to detox your body at home?

All of us have a busy Sunday or Saturday, the place we clear the mess in our residence. However what about cleansing the house the place your well being and soul resides? Sure, cleaning your physique or extra conveniently detoxifying your physique is as important as your meals. We crawl into chemical stuffs and power […]

Home remedy for cough

Trusting on house treatments to remedy widespread chilly and cough is one thing that many Indian households nonetheless imagine. Apart from treating widespread chilly and cough successfully, these house treatments are additionally free from any side-effects. Right here we now have talked about a few of these house treatments that will show you how to […]

The causes of cat hair loss and how to treat it

Causes of hair loss of cats Cats are among the pets that many people seek to raise in the home, but there are some diseases that cats are afflicted with, and these diseases include cat hair loss, and it is necessary to know the causes of cat hair loss and how to treat them so […]

Cat fleas harm to humans

Cat fleas are not only harmed by cats, they are transmitted to humans and cause many problems, including: A cat flea bites a person to obtain his food, but he does not prefer a person as a host because his skin does not contain abundant hair like cats, and human skin with strong thickness prevents […]

Training dogs for using the bathroom

It is the process of training small dogs in the bathroom and eliminating the need that requires the effort of the dog owner in order not to cause pollution at home or transmission of diseases. Also, training small dogs in the bathroom and eliminating the need must come after providing the basic needs of the […]

Information about pitbull dogs

About Pitbull Kennel: The origins of the pitbulls go back to the group of fighter dogs since the nineteenth century known as the “Molousus”, which was crossed over time with the “Trier” dogs, until the pitbull appeared. Pitbulls are among the fiercest of all dogs, known to be aggressive, aggressive and powerful. Very faithful to […]

Information about dogs that have been fed, trained and breeded

Information about dogs that have been fed, trained and breeded: The reward, which is one of the important things in training dogs and that is granted to them immediately after responding to orders, it is not necessary to give the reward to dogs without reason, so that the dog cares to implement the orders in […]

Duration of carrying dogs in detail, all types

Dog pregnancy period: The female in dogs after the ninth month of her birth and thus becomes ready and ready for mating and pregnancy. The date of fertilization in a female dog is after her seventh menstruation period. The period or period of pregnancy of dogs ranges between 58 days to 63 days, and the […]

What small dogs eat, important nutrition information

Food sold in supermarkets and dog and cat food stores: Many dog breeders seek to buy this kind of food, which is sold in bags and is considered less in price than other dog foods, so it is preferred by the breeder, and also has the advantage that it can be kept for long periods, […]

Information about dogs that you do not know

Dogs have the ability to detect some diseases Several studies have proven that dogs have the ability to detect diabetes and cancer, because dogs have a superior ability, which is the sense of smell that makes them able to detect diabetes or cancer, through breathing and urine samples. And also its ability to detect the […]